Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Studies in Ottawa

Since Arriving here January 2 I have been made to feel at home.  Archbishop Prendergast, Frs. Kevin Beach, V.G., and Geoffrey Kerslake, E.V. have been very helpful and welcoming, as have been the staff at Kilborn.  Kilborn is a former Seminary, which nows houses the pastorcal center for the Archdiocese of Ottawa and other offices, it is also the home of the JPII residence for priests (left side of the building) which is where I live.  It is a nice set up, we each have our own one bedroom apartment, there are about 15 or so other priests who live here, and a community of nuns.  

The commute to class is about 10-15 drive so not bad.  My neighbour is also a canon law student Fr. Paul Morris from the Archdiocese of Halifax so we usually share the driving.  It is also nice having someone from the east coast around as well.  St. Pauls is a nice campus not that big, many people from the archdiocese of St. John's have been here over the years either as Seminarians or at the summer institutes.  

Since I have arrived here I have been concelebrating mass on the weekends at Notre Dame Cathedral, starting next month I will be put on the regular rotation for the english masses there.  During the weekdays we say mass at the residence or on campus.  I miss the regular parish community so once I get to know some people it will be good.  I have already met for expatriate Newfoundlanders and Labradorians at the Cathedral on the weekends.  

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  1. My cousin Karen lives across the bridge in Gatineau...may get there this spring so will look you up....take care....
    Evelyn Greene