Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 9 Dublin & IEC

Day 9, with the exception of driving to and from the Royal Dublin Society was spent at the Eucharistic Conference.  When we arrived we headed straight for the the main stadium for the Catechesis and a witness talk.  We listened to the Archbishop of Manila, Philippines it was a very emotional talk.  During the morning as well in between the talks some of us moved around mingling with people from around the world.  We then gathered for Mass at 12noon, at least 15, 000 people, an African Cardinal was the main presider.  It poured rain, but it did not seem to dampen anyone's spirit, as the Cardinal said we had be showered with God's Grace.  After mass we were free to roam the grounds for lunch,  and take in more talks.  We also had more time to explore the exhibition hall.  One of the great experiences of the last few days is meeting the other pilgrims from the various parts of the world, 130 countries are represented.  We then boarded our bus  at 5 and toured a little more of the city making a stop at the old city wall of Dublin, and the hight-light was stopping at Kilmainham Jail site of the song "Grace".  We then headed back to the hotel for some rest and supper.  Today we had a late breakfast, and a chance to sleep in.  The closing mass is at 2:00pm over 80 000 people are expected to attend and the sun is shining, lets pray it stays that way.  

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