Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 8 Dublin & IEC

 We started the day with morning prayer on the Bus as we drove into the city.  It was a wonderful experience, and Anne and Fr. Steve explained what the Liturgy of the Hours is.  We arrived at the Royal Dublin Society with thousands of other pilgrims.  The morning we were free to roam the grounds and take in some of the talks.  There are speakers here, Clergy, Religious and Lay from all over the world.  There is also a great exhibition hall here with exhibits from around the globe.  At 2 pm we with all the other pilgrims gathered in the main stadium for a catechesis talk from the Archbishop of Bagdad, Iraq.   Afterwards we joined in a global rosary uniting with people from all over the world.  There was a witness talk about forgiveness and God's Love given by a young woman from Uganda.  We then celebrated mass together (with the anointing of the sick) in the stadium about 15000 people.  Fr. Steve was able to meet up with some friends from his seminary days.  After mass we made our way back to the bus, on the drive home everyone shared their experience's of the day.  People were amazed at just how big and diverse the Church really is.  The pilgrims are truly seeing and experiencing the Church universal.  We had a lovely Lamb supper last night.  Today we head back for another day of the IEC.

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  1. What beautiful pictures. I remember the IEC in Quebec it was so nice to be a part of all the people from all over the world. I can imagine the spiritual feeling in Ireland. Wish I was there.