Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 7 Galway - Dublin

We left the West of Ireland and Headed east travelling  the "Rocky Road to Dublin 12345"  The weather has been quite wet and a bit colder but none the less we are still happy, because Pilgrims don't complain" lol.  On our way we continued to see  breathtaking scenery, and the rock the walls "breeze walls"  across the country side.  Along the way we stopped at the ruined Abbey of Clonmacnoise where St. Ciaran (Kyran) lived.  We spent some time there wandering in the rain, and exploring this old site, on the river Shannon.    We then headed towards Dublin arriving around 12:30, we gathered with the other Canadian pilgrims, about 1000 in total.  We had a chance to meet each other, and pray together.  Afterwards the pilgrims, went for lunch and had sometime to explore the city.  The Archbishop and Fr. Steve spent sometime with the other priests and bishops of Canada.  The Archbishop and Fr. Steve, then went to the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) site of the congress, to explore around and get our passes and vestments.  The Archbishop and Fr. Steve visited Mr. Loyola Hearn Canadian Ambassador to Ireland at his residence for supper. While there the Archbishop blessed the residence.  Tomorrow we will be attending the talks and sessions and mass at the IEC Eucharistic Congress, with about 50 000 pilgrims from the around the world.  Please keep us in prayer as we will be praying for you.  

Fr. Brian Colbert, Bishop Brian Dunn, Archbishop Currie, Fr. Steve

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