Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Stop and Stare

The Need to Slow Down and Recognize
2nd Sunday on Ordinary Time

This weekend we encounter John The Baptist Pointing out to us, Jesus.  I believe John could only do this because he had taken the time to stop and recognize God’s presence.  I think many of us in the 21st century go through life far to fast, that it in fact passes us by.   This is something that I have been reflecting on a lot lately. 
After the busyness of the Christmas Season I was blessed to have some time for rest, time that I took full advantage of.  I must admit that I am the type of person who usually does not rest well (Maybe that’s why my back is as bad as it is, lol).  I tend to carry things with me mentally, and I often over analyze this mental baggage.  This time however I actually did rest both physically and mentally, and THANK GOD.  Because I was able to do this I found myself very relaxed and in a great state of mind to reflect on the experiences of each day of my holiday.  This holiday afforded me time to reflect on God’s Presence on my life, in my life and my own response to His Presence.
            It became quite clear to me that often I was not as a aware or appreciative of how present God was in my life as I should be.  During my holiday I reminded myself of how important it is to Stop and Stare, to Stop and Stare at God’s Presence.  God is every where we look and is present to us always, unfortunately we often go through life so fast that we miss God, even when he is all around us.  While reflecting on this I cam across an article entitled “Pearls  for Breakfast”.  I offer it to you as food for thought.  I can’t help but think this is what John the Baptist would want us to do to Stop and Stare” and recognize Jesus for who is: Our always and ever Present Savior!

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